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all you can eat

America and food; what a great combination!
For little money you’ll find large (and tasty!) meals. Here are some of our own favorite restaurants:

*Outback. A little bit more expensive, but à la carte. Share the famous blooming onion for an apetizer, or try the blooming burger for your entree. Awesome, mate!


*If you spend an evening in Down Town Disney it might be worth it to have a bite to eat at Wolfgang Puck Express (de little one, located in the rear of Down Town). They serve some great pastas and beef sandwiches.

*Pizza lovers will like Pizza Hut, with their delicious pizzas and their salade buffet. Also for take-out!
Another possibility is Cici pizza, a buffet restaurant with all different kinds of pizzas en pastas en don’t forget their deserts!

*Tip: Grab the booklets with coupons; In almost any restaurants you’ll be able to use a coupon for a discount!
Enjoy your meal!