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Kissimmee, April 2010

Welcome to our beautiful villa which we purchased in September 2009. We will try to do everything to make sure you'll have an unforgettable holiday experience. All theme parks in Orlando are 20 to 30 minutes away. You will have lots of fun when you visit them!
We would appreciate it if you would share your experiences with us in this guestbook.
That way we can respond to any needs of our guests.
Have fun during your stay here in Florida!

Yours faithfully,
Remco and Inge Teeuwsen
and our children and Davey & Kelly
Purmerend, The Netherlands.

May 2010

We really enjoyed our stay here in this beautiful villa.
Everything was really great and we hope to come back very soon !

Best regards,

Family Haringa,
The Netherlands

Jonah, 10 years
Merijn, 5 years

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May 20, 2010

This is our last day in this beautiful house! We really enjoyed the pool, it is wonderfully remote!
At the last moment we have arranged this house and haven't regretted it for one moment. During our meeting with the family we were received very hospitable. We also enjoyed the other options such as the pool and watching a movie.

We will remember this week with great pleasure !

Regards, Raymond Jennefer
Tim Karin

July 2010

After having visited all kinds of cities for two weeks, such as Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans we arrived at ''our' Villa Florida on Saturday, July 17.
We found the house on the website of D-trips. On Google Earth, we had already seen that the house was remote and not, like many other holiday houses, close together.
Renting the house was arranged quickly by mail and telephone.

Everything was well organized and the service of the family Teeuwsen was fine. We enjoyed the pool and the space in the house. We look back on a good week in Orlando with pleasure.

On the next page a few tips:

  • Cracker Barrel: old-fashioned dinner, for $ 10 you have a fine meal.
  • Waffle house: breakfast like Americans have it
  • Coldstone: (Blake Boulevard) an ice cream shop where they'll mix ice cream with eg M & M's, Kitkat or fruit.
  • Disney Hollywood Studios, visit them when they’re showing Fantasmic.
  • The new price list of the official Ticket Centre (blue flyer) is in the folder.

Kind regards,
Anita & Raymond
Emma and Maarten.

August 5, 2010

“Last but not least...
5 days to enjoy a beautiful villa with pool”

This has certainly succeeded! It was the perfect end to our trip to Florida.
Jim & Inge, thanks for the good service.

Best wishes,
Kevin and Helen
Nicolas and Melanie

August 22, 2010

One more day to go and then it's all over again for us. We can honestly say that we had a wonderful time. It's a fine and complete house, clean and fully equipped.

For the golfers among the guests: we have played at the Kissimmee Oak Club, the Kissimmee Club, but by far the most beautiful and luxury was Falcon's Fire. Inexpensive and good service. We enjoyed the parks but also the beaches. Anna Maria Island on the Gulf of Mexico is beautiful, about 2 hours away, but less fun than Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic coast. Not as beautiful white beaches but high waves and a nice atmosphere, about 1 ½ hour’s drive.

Again Inge and Jim, thanks for your good service.

Greetings from Jan Peter, Karin, Jurrian and Marlous.

September 3th, 2010

Thank you for letting us rent this beautiful house.
We enjoyed every minute. Hope to see you soon!

Reuben, Sandra

and The Ramiro Family

October 9th, 2010

Of the approximately eight different houses we have rented since 1997, this is the most beautiful home we have stayed in. Thank you for all the amenities you have provided. We hope to be back.

Mike & Elaine Maurer

October 20, 2010

Dear Remco and Inge,

We just have packed everything and are ready to go. After having stayed in a villa in Rotonda for one week, we arrived in Kissimmee via Miami Beach and Key West.
In your villa we had a perfect week with great weather. What a beautiful villa you have, a lovely pool and also the pool billiards was nice.
Today we're going to visit Seaworld and tomorrow we leave for our cold little country via Tampa.

Yours faithfully,
Wil and Fanny van Daal
Marcel and Esther.

After having left our villa, we received from one of these guests a thank-mail:

From: Wil van Daal
Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2010 7:50 p.m.
To: Remco Teeuwsen
Subject: Thanks

Dear Remco and Inge,

We returned yesterday from Florida.
I wanted to let you know we had a great holiday, thanks to the week we have stayed in your villa.
Great to have such a beautiful villa in a central location in Florida. From your house we have visited Disney for two days, one day Sea World and another day Kennedy Space Centre. It is wonderful that you are "home" within 20 minutes and that you can have a little swim in a warm pool in the garden.
The villa was immaculately and everything was perfectly arranged.
Sorry I have not responded to your mail below, but on October 3, we were already on the Gulf of Mexico. Still, it was nice that you phoned immediately at your entry to inquire if everything had gone well with the key.
If friends or relatives ever plan to go on holiday to Florida, then I will make sure to recommend your villa.

Sincerely: Wil and Fanny van Daal

PS: thanks for the prompt refund of the deposit.


Dear Remco and Inge,

We were so lucky to enjoy your villa for two months.
Especially its isolated location is great!
Many "wildlife" passes by. Beside alligators, herons and cormorants we also enjoyed otters, deer, armadillos, vultures, etc ...

Thanks for your good service.

Kind regards,
Pieter and Sophie Lodder.

January 21 t/m 21 March 2011

Dear Remco & Inge

We have been renting here in Kissimmee for the last ten years and this has been the most wonderful experience we’ve had. We love your house and after two months, we feel like it's our second home.
We are planning to be here again next year and are looking forward to it already!
Unique Florida Homes have been wonderful and have corrected any small problems we have had immediately.
We love Sue, David, Rachael & H so much.
Once again Thank you so much. May God be with you and your family.

Kind Regards William & Betty Kennedy
PS your family is beautiful

March 23 t/m 9 April 2011

Dear Remco and Inge,

It was a great (sunny) period in your perfect holiday home. We have used the pool daily. The men have amused themselves regularly with the pool billiards.

Kissimmee is an ideal starting point to the various theme parks.

A visit to Key West or Miami (highly recommended) requires a few nights in Miami area. A visit to the Everglades is not to be missed.

We thank you very much for the tips and service. In one word SUPER!

Yours faithfully,
Gijs and Janny van Laviere
Arend and Leni Stolk

April 16 t/m 6 May 2011

Hi Remco,

We are now ready to leave. Have had a wonderful week. The house is perfect and we enjoyed the view from the pool. And ... seen the alligator!
Now hurry, of course! We had some rain this morning for the first time, but in the Netherlands the weather is also fine, so it is not so bad to go back.

Thank you for using your wonderful home and maybe we'll see you soon.

Best regards,
Karin, Tim, Rob and Nelleke

May 27, 2011

Hi Remco and Inge,

It is almost over. We have spent three wonderful weeks in your wonderful villa.

We enjoyed it from beginning to end! We highly appreciated the welcome package.
The view is to dream, to see beautiful birds, and of course spotting the crocodile (succeeded).

Never knew vultures could be so nice. Sitting by the pool with mood lighting in the evening, looking back on the day and thinking is recommended. The interior of the house immediately feels like home, it's too much to mention.

Thank you!
Love, Adri and Yvonne
Paul & Henny

June 9, 2011

Hello Remco and Inge,

The last 1.5 weeks we slept in your beautiful villa.
The pool was lovely to cool down now and then.
Unfortunately, there was one big 'but' ....
We have not seen the alligator! Will you put batteries in it next time *??
Fortunately, the turtle we did see.
Nice that we could stay three more nights at the last moment.

Good luck with your Villa!

Kind regards,
Mara, Peter and Alex, Jessica
* Fortunately we have seen enough in the Everglades.

June 30, 2011

Dear Remco and Inge,

We spent three weeks in your home. We had a great time. Enjoyed the pool and the beautiful view. We as big animal lovers had great fun here in the backyard. We have seen everything passing by like the tortoise in front of the door that wanted to go to the pool. We have also seen the alligator swimming and even walking on the grass. Beautiful birds, including the Cardinal, Woodpecker, Hawk, Vultures, Cormorant and even a Hummingbird. It was fantastic. Too bad the last days were not so good in terms of weather. It rained every afternoon but the temperature was definitely good. Thank you for using your house, maybe until next time.

Bob de Jong and Karen Montanus

July 9, 2011

Dear Jim, Inge and the children,

This was our last morning in the wonderful Villa. We really haven't come short of anything.
Good swimming, sitting on the terrace, watch TV and sleeping. Seen and experienced much in Orlando and surrounding areas, to top it all seen the latest launch of the Atlantis. Today we continue our journey toward Miami. We still have 11 days to enjoy beautiful Florida. We will certainly rent this house again, until next time!

Greetings, Miranda, Marco and Romy Mulder.

July 28, 2011

Dear Remco and Inge,

We really enjoyed your beautiful villa with the lovely pool.
We never got tired of looking at the environment and of course the parks.
We look back on a wonderful holiday, thanks to you.
We are happy to come back in your beautiful villa and we will recommend your address to all of our friends.

Regards, John, Ger, Wichard, Chantal, Cynthia, Joey, Kaydee.

1 t/m 15 August 2011

Hi Remco, Inge, Davey and Kelly,

We went to Miami for two days and subsequently went on a a cruise to the Bahamas, which we highly recommend. After this we headed to Kissimmee to stay in your villa for two weeks. Unfortunately our holiday is all over. Tomorrow we fly from Miami to Amsterdam. We had a wonderful time in this beautiful spacious villa. The house is really well equipped. Every morning at about half past eight Danielle and Sandra had coffee at the pool. The sun just came through and they enjoyed the peace. The pool was a real joy, also for relaxation after a long day. In the evening after dinner Erik, Danielle and Dion had a few games of pool, so they are going to miss that. We have visited several parks and shopping malls. Discovery Cove (swimming with dolphins) really stood out for us !

Tomorrow when we go home, you' will be all back here. We wish you a wonderful holiday and
thank you for letting us enjoy your home. Super!

Regards, Erik, Sandra, Danielle, and Dion.
See you in Purmerend.

PS Unfortunately, we haven't seen Alli the alligator, however, lots of squirrels and salamanders.
Perhaps Alli was on vacation as well!

September 2011

Again it was a privilege to be in your beautiful home, we were as happy as a king here! What a paradise on earth, wonderful. The beautiful setting, luxury, nature (and company) are doing it. We hope to come back soon, but for now we have our lovely memories for daydreaming.
Some tips for the other guests:

  • When you a fan of Harry Potter, go to the Island of Adventures early, where the Harry Potter part is positioned, well worth for the true fan.
  • On Saturday evening at 'Fun Spot' Kissimmee (also called Old Town Kissimmee, not to be confused with the real Old Kissimmee) there is a really nice old-timer show.
  • Celebration is a very special town to drive through. (Eg when it rains) the beautiful houses are an eye catcher

Greetings from Arjen, Saskia, Jonah & Merijn Haringa


  1. Seen Alli here in "the pond"
  2. Seen the 'Big Birds' near the house
  3. Kermit the Frog was waiting for us at the door in the evening
  4. Seen a lot of Harry's (Lizards), and even held them
  5. Seen deer along the road
  6. And a big black mouse with huge ears


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hi Remco and Family,

Thanks for our stay in your villa! We had to pay for it ourselves but if you had not rented it to us we wouldn’t have gotten so spoiled.
The villa is really well equipped, from internet to phone and from TV to washing. I found the vacuum cleaner the height of the holiday, hahaha! I want one at my home too! Thanks for all your comments on hyves and all tips and tricks in and around the Villa. We haven't seen the green monster "Alli" but we did see two huge birds in the street in front of the Villa (looked like ostriches so great) and Anja has seen a sort of an anteater at the Villa walking around. This was at night but you never know. We had a good time here and we will often think back to you and the Villa. We put the package that came, through the wall into the owners closet .

Thank you for your trust and hospitality!
"Have a magical life"

Lots of greetings,
Richard & Anja
Jeroen & Lucy

20 October 2011

Hello Remco and Inge,

From your great and beautiful home this message.
We had a great time here. This house is perfect as a starting point to see and experience Orlando and all of its beauty. Especially at night, when you return feeling tired and exhausted with hot feet, a great splash in the pool is a good medicine.
Alli dropped in the first day to be admired!

Despite all the rain (a record number of days and quantity) we remain taking Florida to our hearts.

And now we sadly bid farewell to Orlando, Kissimmee and your home. On to Key West and Miami, for another whole week vacation!
Thank you for your trust in us as a tenant of your home!

Frans, Gerrie, Frans, Jessica, Vincent.

October 29, 2011

Hello Family Teeuwsen,

The villa exceeded all our expectations primarily due to the excellent location. Even Alli came along.
Unfortunately, this is our last day in the Villa but we still have a week ahead at the Gulf Boulevard near the sea.
This villa is definitely worth repeating!

Goodbye and thank you.
Many greetings from your Belgian neighbours Rousseaux. De Walsche

November 2011

November 17, 2011, we would arrive. Unfortunately, it was it not easy, and after many delays we arrived the 18th late at night.
Fortunately, a "warm" welcome because there already was a light on which felt good and the wonderful king size bed as well.
You were able to enjoy it from the Netherlands via our blog:
We will often have a look at the blog. Not one negative message, well, just one ... .. We have not seen crocky, so ... we'll have to come back, maybe with child(ren) and grandchild(ren).
The weather could not be better, glorious for 10 days! We had a great time and gained energy for the next difficult time. Thank you!
Wishing you a good time as well when you yourselves will be here, greetings to RJ and Yvonne!

Regards, Agnes and Ruud Hamersma.

December 15, 2011

Hi Remco, Inge and kids

We have felt very much at home here in your beautiful villa and regret that our two weeks already have ended: the time has flown.
Crocky has presented himself to us neatly, as befits a good neighbour. Too bad only the men were at home at that time.
My birthday surprise was very nice and we have drunk the proçecco with taste.

Thank you very much for your trust and hospitality. We will remember our vacation in Florida with pleasure .

Best wishes,
Loek + Anita
Martin + Mechie
Our blog:


Dear Inge, Remco, Davey and Kelly,

Unfortunately, this is our last day in your wonderful house. We enjoyed every comfort, it's a house where you immediately feel at home. The space, comfortable beds, fully furnished!
Even Boudewijn, who has some difficulty walking, has not felt limited. The children enjoyed the nice swimming pool and games room. For us, seven days were too short to see everything in the surrounding area, we would very much like to come back.

Thank you very much for your hospitality, it was delicious!

Greetings from Boudewijn and Martha
Ina Dante Annelies
Muriel and Tirza


Dear Host Family,

Unfortunately tomorrow we fly back to the Netherlands, but we have a richer experience.
Our stay in your house certainly was part of this. Though we are going home, this house feels like home as well. After having visited the parks for 4 days the boys were allowed to choose what they wanted to do on the last day... "Staying home", they said unanimous! Swimming, pooling, chilling, table football .... Just a nice moment.

Thanks for the hospitality and opportunity to stay here.

Paulien, Jurgen, Thomas and Niels Jeurissen.


Dear guests of our house,

I too was happy to be in our own home for a week. Even I still love to be back home. With great pleasure I read the stories of our guests. Thanks for that!
This time I did some minor maintenance work so our guests can use our house without trouble and with lots of pleasure.
All slats and hangings in the living room are entirely new again, a window has been placed in the round window in the bedroom at the front so no sunlight comes in while you are sleeping, the toilet seats have been replaced (annual replacement) and some tiles are added for the third container we now have.
I too have done all sorts of nice things this week, if you want to know which, read my blog:
We wish the new guests lots of fun during their stay in our Villa “Florida"

Yours faithfully,
Remco Teeuwsen